Gynakologiko - Medical Assistant Reproduction


In the gynecological department of "ELEFTHO OE" our goal is to identify and to solve the gynecological problems that afflict the woman from her adolescence and throughout her life. Problems such as Polycystic ovaries, ammenorrhea, menstrual abnormalities, endometriosis, fibroids, are some of those that can irritate the woman.

In all these, with my many years of experience and our latest technology, we are able to provide a full, reliable and comprehensive full range of medical care.

It is well known that prevention is more important than cure, for this reason internationally, all women are advised to do a par-test each year. This test, in conjunction with the most recent examination of the HPV WAV genotype identification carried out here at the modern molecular genetics and cytogenetics laboratories of "ELEFTHO", can prevent or diagnose early (at an early stage) cervical cancer uterus. Thanks to our absolute expertise in the fields of molecular biology and cytogenetics and the perfect organization that distinguishes us, you receive the results of the examination directly and so we can manage the solutions to your problem together in a timely and timely manner

Colposcopy is a test used to diagnose and treat infections involving the womb's cervix and the woman's external genitalia. It becomes necessary with the most recent latest DYSIS digital colposcope in women where PAP-TEST showed atypical-pathological cells. It takes a few minutes and is painless. If further treatment is needed, it is simple as a procedure and is done either medicinally or using LASER or diathermy, usually under local anesthesia.

«Office Hysteroscopy» Hysteroscopy is an innovative procedure for the examination of the endometrial cavity, with great precision and reliability. The value of this method is that it now takes place in our facility and not in the hospital or clinic. Hysteroscopy is used to diagnose and treat various gynecological problems as well as to investigate infertility.








My long experience in endoscopic interventions Laparoscopies and Lestroscopies, invasive or diagnostic, gives me the opportunity to apply them to the very organized private clinics that I work with, with great success. The available equipment is what modern technology has to offer in advance so that the interventions that I perform are carried out with absolute safety, speed and therapeutic effectiveness. Fibroids, ovarian cysts, hysterectomies are some of the interventions that I do with both open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. The advantage of laparoscopic-endoscopic surgery is that the patient has a shorter recovery, with only a small stay in the Clinic, which can be limited to only a few hours. In addition, treatment is more effective when it is laparoscopically-endoscopically, since it avoids adhesions within the ventricle.

These interventions are carried out within the framework of the investigation and solution of pathological causes, causes of infertility and for therapeutic purposes related to the health of the woman. The criteria for the application of laparoscopic-endoscopic surgery is a function of many parameters

Hospitalization time (only one overnight stay), time of recovery and return to daily routine (work, family and social obligations etc.).

Postoperative pain (significantly less), aesthetic result, small incisions of less than one centimeter. Frequency of postoperative infections, much less due to enlargement and high resolution of the image good investigation of the abdomen and its organs.

The choice is made after a complete and thorough update on my part, after an appropriate assessment of your history.

Gynecological care is at the heart of our Center.

This is why the majority of gynecological diseases are treated effectively, in conservative or surgical ways, always with respect to health