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From the briefing of pregnant women monitored in the center ELEFTHO Co. on "items narcosis  in childbirth ," speaker was Ms. anesthetist GEORGOGIANAKI Persia and the event became the center of the lecture room ELEFTHO OE Street 8th DECEMBER 32.

Mr. BATAKIS HARALABOS WITH PROFESSOR MEDICINE EMVRYOMITRIKIS in FRANCE YVE DUMEZ in maternal-fetal medicine conference 01/12/2009 in Montpellier.

On the sidelines of the interdisciplinary meeting in TIRANA-ALBANIA. Distinguished in photo HALIM KOSOVA Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Medical School of Tirana PANGALOS KON / NOS Professor of Genetics, BATAKIS HARALABOS MAIEFTIRAS-IN GYNAECOLOGY specialist maternal-fetal medicine.

Snapshot from the Interdisciplinary meeting of members of the company Eleftho Co. and the center in Genesis. Image shows obstetrician HARALABOS BATAKIS and scientific director of the center Genesis Konstantinos Pantos.