Woman's day-Preventive

On the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day, the members and the staff of the Centre 'ELEFTHO OE "would like to point out the necessity of prior control of the reproductive system of the woman and her breast. This control period that characterizes an unprecedented social and economic crisis in our country has a special importance and ever less number of women seeking screening. So now fewer women and less frequently visit their doctor or public health facilities for Pap tests and mammography. It should be sensible that cancer regardless of social events increases and affects social economic ou low level groups.
a) Women should be subjected to tests often Pap every year, especially in high-risk cases and in HPV Test DNA.
b) To pursue an annual gynecological examination and ultrasound of inner genitals, especially after the stage of menopause.
c) After the 40th year shall be carried out necessary mammogram or breast ultrasound where required on an annual basis.
d) They should seek vaccination against HPV virus, particularly in adolescent girls and older women in accordance with the instructions of the national immunization committee.
The implementation of the above advice will help to reduce the development of cancer of the female reproductive system and the breast.