Nutrition and Pregnancy

Reproduction arguably one of the most important events of the life and evolution of the human species ...

Healthy eating during pregnancy is no different from a healthy diet the rest of a woman's life and it simply means eating from all food groups in recommended amounts.

How much weight should I get? The total number of kilos that you should take depends on your weight before the start of pregnancy (Table).

To calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) divide the weight (in kilograms) by the square of height (in meters).

Do not use pregnancy as a reason to overeat or however try to lose weight. Pregnancy is not a time for weight loss. Moreover, by recording your weight weekly, gynecologist and your nutritionist can control the rate of increase and therefore the best course of your pregnancy.

"When you are pregnant, you should eat for two"    Myth

What is important is not one to eat twice as much, but two times better !!!