16 April 2014

7th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Greek Company maternal-fetal medicine

The Greek Society for maternal-fetal
30 October 2017

B-Level Ultrasound

B-Level Ultrasound: When and

ELEFTHO: Modern Genetics Laboratory

"The 'ELEFTHO OE" is the first laboratory of molecular genetics in Chania, which aims to provide high-tech services to the analysis of genetic material. Our labrotary have been organized according to international standards to meet a series of specialized tests associated with the diagnosis, prognosis and prevention of genetic diseases, the investigation of infertility, but also during recurrent miscarriages. Molecular tests conducted by applying globally certified diagnostics, reagents, and equipment (IVD CE) ".

"Eleftho legitimate daughter of Zeus and Hera helped Leto to give birth in Delos Apollo and Artemis"


  • Our exclusive care health services for women .
  • Our goal is to maintain healthy functioning of the female reproductive system in all periods of life , adolescence reproductive - age- menopause.
  • Integrated treatment (diagnosis and treatment) in fertility issues.
  • Help for the success of a possible quicker pregnancy.


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Modern Genetics Laboratory


About fifty years after understanding the structure of DNA and only ten from the completion of magnificent achievement of mapping the genetic material of humans, going through a time the DNA has come for good in our lives and our daily lives, providing valuable information on our health.

Applications of DNA in medicine are numerous and concern a wide range of clinical fields of Gynecology in Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Pediatric, the pathology, and the Assisted Reproduction.

Purpose of Molecular Genetics examinations is the study, diagnosis, prognosis and prevention of diseases caused by damage to the genetic material of humans.


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